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Christian Metal Underground Records to Release TIMORATUS- The Great Mortality on July 31, 2018

TIMORATUS- The Great Mortality- coming July 31, 2018.

This is a story of a man named Kefla Selaro living during the time of the Black Plague. His tale of loss and rejuvenation of purpose and ultimately death, but not without living a life of charity and help. This album is a collection of previous EPs (Black, Death, Doom & Grind), rerecorded, rewritten, remixed and remastered with 3 new additional “Intermission” tracks linking the genres together (Black Metal to Death Metal, Death Metal to Doom Metal and Doom Metal to Grindcore).


  1. Of Human Bondage

  2. Eternal Loss

  3. Intermission (2 Years Later)

  4. Confrontation of the End

  5. No One Left

  6. Intermission (4 Years Later)

  7. Slumbering Vision

  8. Realization of Purpose

  9. Intermission (8 Years Later)

  10. Questions

  11. Coming Into Her Own

  12. Father

  13. New Love

  14. Winding Down

  15. Deathbed

  16. Kafla’s Soul Leaves His Body view

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