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Rottweiler Records Signs THE JERICHO HARLOT!


It's about stinkin' time we got some straight up punk rock and roll up in the pound!!

Please welcome The Jericho Harlot to the Rottweiler Records pack!

Go RIGHT NOW and grab this FREE track!

The Jericho Harlot

An explosive is a reactive substance that contains a great amount of potential energy that can produce an explosion if released suddenly, usually accompanied by the production of light, heat, sound, and pressure. The Jericho Harlot are exactly that: agitators in a power rock trio, with roots firmly grounded in a punk rock ethos, peppering their chosen brand of rock explosive with volatile amounts of alternative, grunge, and Stax-Volt Blues. The Jericho Harlot scratches the long lingering itch of listeners everywhere, asking, “Does anyone play combustible rock music anymore?”

Beginning in the Cincinnati / NKY area late 2012, The Jericho Harlot has always had one goal: to use the vehicle of music to speak truth that cuts straight to the soul of those who would have ears to hear. These veterans of the Christian music underground scene, convey a message of unconventional faith, unconventional love, and a passion for people through a Christ Filter. The Jericho Harlot create a lyrically, musically, and powerfully meaningful approach to punk music. Lyrically, they tackle the best and worst in all of us. This high energy power rock trio brings an impactful experience that always resonates with heart of the audience.

The Jericho Harlot aims to raze the walls and decimate boundaries of traditional genres. With musical influences ranging from Foo Fighters to Blue Brothers, from Green Day to Steve Cropper, from Alkaline Trio to Jimmy Eat World (and quite honestly all things rock and roll), they ignite a fuse that sends their audience reeling back in time with resolute focus to incinerate the mundane and trendy. The Jericho Harlot employs cultivated songsmithing blended with sizzling vocal harmonies, furthering the abolition of the mold of “typical punk band.” Yet, they will most certainly blast a path of familiarity through the dense mire of the unknown that the listener can easily tread.

Having detonated stages opening for artists as varied as Icon for Hire, Smile Empty Soul, Spoken, Five Iron Frenzy, and many others since the fuse was lit in 2012, The Jericho Harlot has maintained a very active touring schedule. They have played multiple music festivals to large audiences each year and completed two full length releases to date.

They are currently hard at work to follow up their two previous independent releases with a hard hitting and bombastic Rottweiler Records debut.

Go like and follow them one their social media pages:

INSTAGRAM: @jerichoharlot

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