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Shut-in Sale Promo Codes — free CDs!

Some overstock item will be on sale to get our stock room back to 1 room (Currently in 3 rooms)

See the site for some amazing deals to clear some space and go onto some new releases as well!

Spend $25.00 sub totaled (or $30 with shipping) And get %10 off!!! (put promo code in at checkout) Put cd choice in message box on order or email choice to

FREE CDs for those who spend $10 or more (Subtotaled Or $13.50 with shipping) choose a free cd!!! 1. Irgalom- Song of Ascents (Cd in an envelope —NO Cover Promo version) 2. Firstborn of the Dead- ep demo 3. Adventunnum -Sophism ep

FREE CD Choice for orders of $25 or more (Subtotaled) Or $30 with shipping) Choose 1 CD from the list— 1 choice per order 1. Antidemon – Satanichaos 2. Brutal Cross The Perfect Storm 3 They Wither (unbelievable CBM!) 4. Holy Blood- Voice of Blood 5. Proclamus- Death Thoughts 6. Temple of Perdition -Tetragrammaton 7. The Arbiter- waters from the river of life

We appreciate your support and all funds go to new releases!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

#VisionofGodRecords #ChristianMetalUndergroundRecords #extremeChristianmetal #blackmetal #unblackmetal #deathmetal #cdsale

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