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The waiting is finally over! :) Now, you can check out our new album "The Seal Of A New World" at your favorite music store. It's really everywhere. If you like the album, please give the band a rating/review on Amazon and all these places. It helps us a lot and we love reading the reviews! If we could get into one of the top selling metal album lists at least for a day, that would be great. As we are writing this email, the sales are just starting and the album is on #309 in its category on the German Amazon.

Invitation from Jota on YouTube: Thank you very much for your support! PS: The members of the Signum Regis Club now have early access to the 4th music video - Fly Away. What is the "Signum Regis Club" ? Well, that's the place where our best fans are all going :-) More info:

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