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GOATSCOURGE Release Debut Album

Goatscorge has released their chaotic debut upon the Earth, titled Marching Against the Evil One.

Goatscorge started in 2019, as a project of Nocturnal Servant, also known for his works with Proven Existence, What Brings Ruin, Shekinah, Brainkrusher, and Mindgames. Earlier this year, the band released a single titled "Lacerate the Goat" and an EP titled Awaiting the Apocalypse, both via The Bearded Dragon Productions, with the album being released through the label as well.

"[The theme of the album is about] Anti-Satanic, anti-filth, extreme provocation, anti-Luciferianism, and all out warfare against the demonic" states Nocturnal Servant when asked about the nature of the album.

The album is available on Bandcamp as of November 14, 2019.

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