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HEAVEN'S METAL & HM MAGAZINES Both Available For Reading Again

A long-term project was recently released, making the first 10 years+ copies of Heaven's Metal Magazine available as electronic magazines for sale at the issuu newsstand. Most are available for $2.99 and can be downloaded as PDF for your permanent record. Prints can also be made by a print-on-demand place.

Several older copies of HM Magazine (the printed versions) are for sale at the HM Press online store. Most of these are from 2002 through 2013.

Long-term projects include uploading the remainder of (all) HM issues - from 1995 through 2013 and some issues beyond. This will also include those issues of Heaven's Metal Fanzine that started coming out in 2004 and continued through 2014. There are still talks about a "coffee table" or "collective / gift" printed book collecting all the issues of Heaven's Metal Magazine into volumes (first year, second year, and so on). This project will take longer to see fruition, but that is a goal.

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