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MIKE BOTELLO Announces 2020 Release

The new album "Indigenous" by Mike Botello is on track for release in 2020!!

Pre-production is complete and is now headed for post-production. This record promises to be the most "intense" in the Botello repertoire, featuring the guitar work of Militia's Tony Smith and longtime guitar great Jason Barrett; The first album by Mike Botello to feature TWO guitarists! "Secret Identity" was the first single to be released and will be followed by "I'm Down" in early 2020. "I'm Down" will have a music video and will be streaming on YouTube and Spotify. Additionally, a new doc video, "The making of Indigenous", will be released prior to the release of the record, with segments of the recording process and interviews with all parties involved. A drum "play along" video, with Mike Botello playing to the epic 9 minute long instrumental "Euphellum", will follow the release of the album. "Euphellum", will be the third single release of the album. For more information please visit for more details.

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