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"A Crack in the Sky"- 1st Single and Video from the Coming NARNIA Album

Uppsala, Sweden. May 31st, 2019 Today (May 31st), Swedish metal band, Narnia, releases the single A Crack in the Sky, which is the first track of the coming studio-album; From Darkness to Light. To follow up the release, touring begins in September, where the band looks forward meeting old and new fans.

While waiting for Swedish metal band Narnia’s eighth studio-album, which will be released on August 2nd, first single; "A Crack in the Sky", is released on all major digital platforms in cooperation with record label Sound Pollution. On the band’s YouTube-channel you can find the music-video, produced by Mats Vassfjord (220 Volt and Impera).

The song is the first track of the coming album From Darkness To Light, and a mix of a modern sound meets melodic metal, which has been associated with the band for over 20 years.

This single release begins the countdown of a new major venture with Narnia, which means additional single releases, album release in August, and then the forthcoming tour that begins in South America along with American bands Stryper and Tourniquet.

The album is produced by Narnia’s guitarist CJ Grimmark, mixed by the band’s sound engineer Viktor Stenquist, and mastered by Jens Bogren, Fascination Street Studios (Sepultura, Symphony X, James LaBrie in Dream Theater).

From Darkness To Light will be released on CD, vinyls in different colors and digitally August 2nd , and distributed by Sound Pollution (Europe, USA, Australia), King Records (Asia) and Latin America: Voice Music, Icarus Music and The Dove’s Voice Records. The album-release will be followed up with a tour in 2019-2020, starting in South America, together with Stryper and Tourniquet.


Photo: Mats Vassfjord Narnia, left to right: Martin Härenstam (keyboards), Andreas “Habo” Johansson (drums), Christian Liljegren (vocals), Jonatan Samuelsson (bass), CJ Grimmark (guitars)

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