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Prayers for Yaakov of TEMPLE OF PERDITION

After long thought and debate, it comes with heavy heart that we as a project may not be able to continue. This is due to the fact that I am sick (I do not want sympathy and do not want to explain. It is what it is.) and have been unable to work for a while. My wife and I started a company but due to fraud from an outside source from many years ago our livelihood has been shut down to nothing within a blink of an eye. I have 5 kids and a wife who depend on me. At this time we cannot even afford food and diapers.

So it has come down to two choices. If I cannot raise the funds needed to get us out of this hole or at least get us by to relief then I will be forced to sell all my production equipment and call it quits. I really do not want to do this, but life happens.

So I am going to leave this in your hands. If you'd like to keep us around, then please donate. If we cannot reach our goal within a week, then I am going to have to fold up shop. I am not good at doing this, so please forgive me. I absolutely hate this with every inch of my person, but we have no other choice.

Here is the link you can donate at if you want to.

Thanks, Yaakov.

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