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Boone's Overstock to Reissue 3 SACRED WARRIOR cds and RAPTURE cd

Friends - we have been busy! We are thrilled to announce the release of 4 CD Reissues! Three of these are by the amazing SACRED WARRIOR, who put together four consecutive albums that are as elite as metal can possibly be! And the fourth is a New Mexico band, Rapture from the mid 80's - the band would later change their name to the Moshketeers, but OH MY GOSH were they amazing as Rapture! Think early Deliverance (debut era) and Metal Church! Powerful metal guitars with a hybrid of power and thrash metal with soaring vocals! It's 2 CDs worth of never-before-released stuff - all on CD for the very first time! RRCD1488 SACRED WARRIOR - REBELLION (Legends Remastered) 637405139020 16 page jewel (500 Units) RRCD1489 SACRED WARRIOR - WICKED GENERATION (Legends Remastered) 16 page jewel 637405139037 (500 Units) RRCD1490 SACRED WARRIOR - OBSESSIONS (Legends Remastered) 637405139044 16 page jewel (500 Units) RRCD1482 RAPTURE - VACATION FROM HELL 2-CD Set UPC 637405138962 12 panel jewel (500 Units) PRE-ORDERS WILL BE UP SOON!

NEW CDs JUST added to Boone's.... One Bad Pig – The Quintessential One Bad Pig, Vol. 1 (*NEW-CD, 1994, Diadem) $13.99 FIGHTER - THE WAITING (*Used-CD, 1991, Wonderland) AOR Hard Rock $39.99 FIGHTER - BANG THE DRUM (*Used-CD, 1992, Wonderland) AOR $14.99 MARGARET BECKER - IMMIGRANT'S DAUGHTER (*Used-CD, 1989, Sparrow) $5.99 MARGARET BECKER - SOUL (*Used-CD, 1993, Sparrow) $4.99 PRECIOUS DEATH - PRECIOUS DEATH (*Used-CD, 1996, Metro One) $9.99 RANDY STONEHILL - CAN'T BUY A MIRACLE (*Used-CD, 1988, Myrrh) $29.99 RANDY STONEHILL - WONDERAMA (*Used-CD, 1992, Myrrh) Rick Elias, Sharon McCall, Jerry Chamberlain $13.99 RANDY STONEHILL - STONE HILL (*Used-CD, 2006, Christian Discs) $9.99 RANDY STONEHILL - THE WILD FRONTIER (*Used-CD, 1986, Myrrh) Rare! Tonio K, Rick Cua, Peter Case $17.99 RANDY STONEHILL - LOVE BEYOND REASON (*Used-CD, 1985/2001, Myrrh) Rare! $45.99 NOVELLA - LIQUID EARTH (*Used-CD, 1992, Star Song) $19.99 David Zaffiro – In Scarlet Storm (*NEW-CD, 1990, Intense Records) Bloodgood axeman created $29.99 SERVANT - SHALLOW WATER (*CD, 2006, Retroactive Records) $99.99 GREG X VOLZ - COME OUT FIGHTING (*Used-CD, 1988, Myrrh) 29.99 Greg X. Volz – No Room In The Middle (*Used-CD, 1996, River Records) $11.99 BELIEVER - GABRIEL (*Used-CD, 2009, Metal Blade) $9.99 BELIEVER - TRANSHUMAN (*Used-CD, 2011, Metal Blade) $11.99 JESUS FREAKS - SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE (*Used-CD, 1993, Narrowpath) Christian THRASH! $29.99 JESUS FREAKS - JESUS FREAKS (*Used-CD, 1996, Narrowpath) Christian Thrash $34.99 SUB-TRAIN - SUB-TRAIN (*Used-CD, 1997?, Indie) Ex-Jesus Freaks Thrash Metal $19.99

XT - REVIVED: STANDING FOR JESUS CHRIST $17.99 (*NEW-CD, 2019, Talking Music) Swedish Import ***PRE-ORDER

BLOODGOOD - DETONATION (Special Edition) (B Goode Records) (*NEW-CD, 2019) $14.99 Remastered by Axeman David Zaffiro Released by the band themselves - we have about 20 copies left! 12 page booklet / Remastered by Zaffiro!

ONE BAD PIG - LOVE YOU TO DEATH $14.99 IN STOCK (*NEW-CD, 2019, Retroactive Records) Les Carlsen 12 Page Insert Jewel Case

Released in 2016 by the band as a 6 panel digipak, it's been out of print for almost a year now. The band was gracious enough to work out a deal for Retroactive Records to re-release it as a 12 panel booklet, with jewel case, lyrics, write-up, etc. The mastering was perfect, so it's the same mastering as the original....just different packaging that collectors will favor. The bets part of the release though is the music. You thnk the band may have lost a step over the years? Think again - OBP is at the top of their game with their finest release ever with Love You To Death. And, the 77's cover tune for The Lust, The Flesh is downright exquisite. The rest of the album is tight, melodic, punky, thrashy, and perfect. One track even has Les Carlson from Bloodgood on lead vocals (it's amazing!). Get this re-release while it lasts - people have been paying $50-$75 a CD if they were lucky enough to even find it at all.

TAMPLIN (*NEW-CD) 2019 LIMITED EDITION KEN TAMPLIN (SHOUT) $14.99 ***PRE-ORDER Coming soon from Girder Records! One of the greatest AOR Pop Metal albums of all time!

SHOUT - SHOUT BACK $14.99 (*NEW-CD, 2019, Girder Records) ***PRE-ORDER The third and final Shout release - every bit as good as the first two, if not better!!! Remastered and better than ever!

DETRITUS 2-CD BUNDLE - PERPETUAL DEFIANCE + IF BUT FOR ONE (Retroactive Records) 2019 Just $29.98

BLOODGOOD - BLOODGOOD (Legends Remastered) $14.99 (*NEW-CD, 2019, Retroactive Records)

DETRITUS - IF BUT FOR ONE + DEMO (Legends Remastered) $14.99 (*NEW-CD + VINYL, 2019, Retroactive) ***PRE-ORDER (See CD, Vinyl, and CD & Vinyl Purchase Options)

DETRITUS - PERPETUAL DEFIANCE + TASTE OF REALITY DEMO (Legends Remastered) $14.99 (*NEW-CD, 2019, Retroactive)

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