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New SACRED WARRIOR Single and Lyric Video "Blood River" Released

Sacred Warrior is proud to announce the release of their newest single, "Blood River"! This is the culmination of many months of work, and showcases the newer, more modern sound that Sacred Warrior is developing. While the production value has significantly elevated, and the style and sounds may be different than what you're used to, the lyrics are 100% in your face and uncompromising as you've all come to expect from Sacred Warrior. This song is the heart cry of a pathetic, broken person who is losing the battle with the "old man", and whose only recourse is to cry out to God to be immersed and washed in the blood of Christ, the only source of salvation and regeneration! We hope it encourages your soul, and would love to have it shared with those who may need to hear it. Released at YouTube initially, online and streaming services to follow!

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