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MIKE BOTELLO to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 'Rule of Law' CD with New Video "Crea

The 10 year anniversary of Mike Botello's 3rd studio album Rule of Law with a NEW video release “Creatures”

Spring 2019: The 10-year anniversary of the official release of the album Rule of Law by Mike Botello, will kick off with the release of a brand new video of the single "Creatures". "Creatures" debuted back in September of 2009, along with "Cycles", and "Beyond" in 2010. Rule of Law has proven to be a Powerhouse release that stands out from the rest of Mike Botello's album repertoire to date. There was never an official video release for the single "Creatures" until now!!! The video will Premiere in April of 2019. Please visit for more details.

The new single by Mike Botello, "Secret Identity"

Fall 2018: "Secret Identity", the first single release off the new soon-to-be-released album by Mike Botello, "Indigenous".

"Secret Identity is a song that is personal and deep to me. It is a song that reflects the repercussions, and turmoils of drug abuse, and addiction. Each and every one of us has someone that is close to us, or it could even be you, that is either involved, or has been made a victim to this terrible, and ever so wide spreading disease. My vision, is to see that, all affected by this terrible disease will find a way out."

-Mike Botello

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