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SEVENTH DAY SLUMBER's Bus Totaled In Accident- Prayers for Band and Firemen

Serious crash leaves front of bus totaled after colliding with a parked fire truck on freeway, no serious injuries reported

Seventh Day Slumber's bus, known as "Maroon 7," was involved in a serious accident early Sunday morning after colliding with a parked firetruck on the freeway. Photos and video posted on the band's socials show the front of bus absolutely totaled with the windshield blown out and the left front of the bus entirely concaved and destroyed. Joseph Rojas went live multiple times Sunday throughout the day around 4PM CT and 6PM CT to ask for prayers and provide more information about the accident while defending the perspective of the band. Joseph, who has always been real with fans on social, explained his perspective on the incredibly traumatic experience that sent a few members to the hospital but with no life-threatening injuries.

"We just saw our family almost lose their life," said Joseph. "But I'm still reminded that God is on the throne. We're banged up, we're bruised, but we walked away and we know that God did that." As reported on earlier today, "there has been no official fundraiser set up yet for the band as they continue to determine the needs, but fans can send early donations via PayPal to the address You can also bring donations directly to the band at remaining dates on the City Rockfest tour. " Seventh Day Slumber is currently on the road touring the nation with multiple rock bands on their City RockFest Tour and resumes on March 14 with 19 more dates to go through April 2019. The band has vowed to keep going. Keep the band in your prayers and continue to follow updates from the band on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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