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THE BLAMED Start an Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Brand New Album

Past members of The Crucified and Headnoise and Six Feet Deep are excited to bring you some good music for good times

The Blamed 7th Record.

We started in the 90s on Tooth and Nail records and we got together over the past few years to try and put together an old school record. We finished recording the record in Feb and now we are trying to raise $3000 to pay for Manufacturing. The vinyl production will cost around $2000 and the CD manufacturing will cost around $1000. We appreciate you checking out our campaign, please browse the different perks and we appreciate your support.

We are trying to manufacture this album on Vinyl and CD

Here's the details

  • We already paid for the recording, we just need your help to manufacture this thing! I love physical product in the streaming age. It's $2000 for the Vinyl manufacturing and $1000 for the CD Manufacturing

  • We recorded a digital EP worth of exclusive material that every backer will get in their email when the campaign ends.

  • We are hoping this campaign gives way to some urgency to support music

The Album

We believe that the songs on this album are very inspiring, we are excited to tell some stories and reminisce with you:

  • Music is a dying art in this age of streaming, don't get us wrong, we stream, but we also collect music and definitely identify with 90's Christian Music

  • This album will hopefully take you back to those times as well as introduce you to what inspires us today.

  • We don't see you as just fans, you are family, a community and we understand how lucky we are to be able to do this!

And if you haven't yet heard our split ep with The Satire, click the album cover to pick one up:

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