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Charlie Clark's Daughter Becca Recreates 'Rock the Flock' Shirts to Raise Funds for ALS

Becca Jensen‎ to Messiah Prophet Band fans

February 23 at 10:07 AM ·

Hey Messiah Prophet people!

I’m Becca, Charles Clark’s second daughter! I wish I could say I was his biggest fan but I wasn’t even born yet, so all of you know his Messiah Prophet era more than I do. But I do think I had the coolest dad around! Late last year I was looking to get my hands on a Messiah Prophet shirt and had no luck finding one that wasn’t crazy expensive and crazy faded. Sooooo I decided I would get one recreated! I used to work at a local shop called Mason’s Monogramming and they have such talented people there! They remade this shirt and guys- it’s amazing! So with the ALS walk coming up we wanted to share it with you and ask if you would like to order some! $5 from every shirt bought will be donated to the ALS walk through our team Charlie’s Angels. You can also donate straight to our team through the link in the comments!

Use the link here to order shirts!!!!!

Shirts will be available to order till 3/13 and then they will take 2-3 weeks to be processed! Each shirt is made local!

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