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N.O.G. - Take It By Storm

If you can imagine Dale Thompson, confrontational lyrics aggressively seething from his mouth, fronting Pantera or Sepultura, then you’ve got a decent sound image of what is going on here. Hot off of 2018’s scorching Bride release (Snake Eyes), Dale has joined forces with his Brazilian friends Lucena (guitars), Dafra (bass) and Aposan (drums) to deliver another blistering collection of metal songs. If you liked Perpetual Paranoia, then you should firmly embrace the killer grooves and heavy punch of Take It By Storm, which is not only incredibly encouraging on the lyrical side, but these Latin infused metal riffs and rhythms incite the Spirit to move in a powerful way. I will confess that on first listen I was a bit underwhelmed – this wasn’t what I was expecting I suppose – but on multiple spins I continue to discover the power and purpose in these 12 tracks.

The lead off track comes out fiercely – “My thoughts are so loud, I can taste it in my mouth.” Yeah that. The musical intensity matches this vocal outpouring of course. It feels like a traditional fast-paced rocker, but the groove in the chorus section sets the stage for what is to follow. “Burn All The Way” packs the heat, but is followed by the even more intense “Turn” which is rife with sick riffage, killer bass drum accents and a cool guitar solo. If that doesn’t have your head bobbing, then “Phobia” should. We live in a world where people live in constant fear of financial or social failure, or fear of pain and death. Don’t let the Latin vibe lull you into complacency because “sin should be your phobia.” I love the way Dale delivers this chorus. Oh, but the guys are just getting warmed up…

“Walk By Faith” has that huge Pantera groove and attitude, but with that timeless call to “fight with all your might” for what is unseen. It may be my favorite track here. And its followed by the similarly Pantera-like “Live Is Long,” a song which features some really wise words (“life isn’t long enough to quench my thirst for eternity”) and a great guitar lead/solo. “One More Day” feels just a bit too much like a Bride ballad and feels out of place on this record, but never mind me – great words of exhortation, great melodies, great guitar solo/lead. Even doom metal isn’t off the table here – “Pay The Price” has a nice trippy riff. Dale works his lyrical wizardry on the speedy “Matter Of Fact,” because “the fact of the matter is a matter of fact.” Here we are treated with some quick foot work from Aposan as he drives this song along at whirlwind speed.

N.O.G. have much to say. If nothing else, these grooves should get your blood flowing, your body moving and your mind engaging in this life. And while these metal tones and riffs are powerful and mesmerizing, don’t miss the message in the music – the price has been paid, so embrace life accordingly.

"The Spirit is there to teach us/The Son is there to guide us/The Father is there to love us for evermore”“Your Time Has Come”

Release Date: Out Now

Track Listing:

1. Take It By Storm (3:51)

2. Burn All The Way (3:47)

3. Turn (3:57)

4. Phobia (4:22)

5. Death On The Millions (4:21)

6. Walk By Faith (4:29)

7. Life Is Long (5:38)

8. One More Day (4:59)

9. Pay The Price (4:39)

10. Matter of Fact (3:56)

11. The Great Ones Fall (6:06)

12. Your Time Has Come (8:26)

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