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FEAR NOT - For The Wounded Heart EP

A 5 song, 20 minute EP on CD? This is definitely an old-school deal for sure. Even the most popular of bands would have a hard time pulling this off in 2019, but with the support of Roxx Productions this resurrected version of Fear Not makes it work. 2017’s reissue of the 1993 self-titled album hinted at the new Fear Not with the two bonus tracks included on the CD version. But while “Love Is Alright” was one of those 2 songs, that is not the version which appears on this EP. Larry Worley carried the vocals on the 2017 version, but these 5 new songs feature new singer Eddie Green, and this 2019 version has a much beefier sound to boot. In fact, all 5 of these tracks have a ton of low-end punch. Green’s lower register/blues rock vocals definitely alter the Fear Not raspy Poison-like attitude of the ’93 sounds, but the guitars and grooves are plenty big – these songs just a few notches slower in tempo – and the edgy, yet sincere words and the hook-y melodies are here so the music is easily recognizable as Fear Not.

The opening track has plenty of attitude and grit and sets the tone that these guys still have a ton of energy and still have a lot to say, but “Shadows Fade” is the song that really captures my attention in a big way. This song has all of the elements of a great rock song, a solid guitar crunch lead over a nice drum groove and those almost Bon Jovi-like chorus melodies. And those really heart-felt lyrics…

“Pain … lets me know I’m alive…It won’t beat me/Pain … lets me know I’m alive … It can’t defeat me.”

The more balladic “Carry Me” follows with more great words of sincere encouragement…

“You said I’d never have more than I can bear/Carry me now, carry me now.”

I love the guitar rhythms and guitar solo work on “Love Is Alright” – the most blues rock driven track here. Once again the words are exhortational, leaving no doubt where these guys look to for inspiration and healing. The EP closes out with “Shipwrecked Hypocrite,” which is yet another classy rocker rife with truthful lyrics, strings on the outro and all! Fear Not are back. Singer Green brings a timeless rock voice to the mix and gives the band a fresh lift, but the core “4” lay it down in that classic rock way.

Release Date: March 8, 2019

Track Listing:

1. Don’t Want None (Come Get Some) (3:57)

2. Shadows Fade (4:13)

3. Carry Me (4:14)

4. Love Is Alright (3:59)

5. Shipwrecked Hypocrite (4:12)

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