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DETRITUS & DELIVERANCE Vinyl Updates + Demo Tapes

Friends, We have listed a new batch of Christian rock and metal DEMO tapes for auction: DAMASCUS, ALLEGIANCE, ALLIANCE, L.O.U.D., LATTER RAIN, ALEXANDER, BLACK CARNATION, CANAAN, METAL ANGEL, CATALYST, VOYAGER, PARADOX, REV SEVEN, THE WATCHMEN, ASCENSION, G-MEN (vinyl) + DEMO TAPES of Christian Metal and Rock Rarities! Thank you for your support of awesome rare music!

We want you to know we do have some new releases coming in the weeks ahead....DELIVERANCE - HEAR WHAT I SAY (Vinyl) and DETRITUS - IF BUT FOR ONE (Vinyl) are currently at manufacturing and test pressings have been sent to us. Once approved it should be about another two months. Both DETRITUS CD Reissues will release at the same time as the vinyl and each CD reissue features rare bonus demo tracks! Also releasing in the next 4-6 weeks will be: DELIVERANCE - AS ABOVE~SO BELOW CD (new cover) DELIVERANCE - ASSIMILATION CD DELIVERANCE - HEAR WHAT I SAY (bonus track of Rammstein cover) We have more in the be revealed soon! So stay tunes! PRE-ORDERS ARE NOT UP YET, BUT WILL BE SOON!

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