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Get LUST CONTROL's 'Tiny Little Dots' on Vinyl

If you're thinking you might have seen any of these four cats on a wanted poster in your local post office, you might be right. Geez! They looked more attractive when they were wearing the ski masks. The third one from the left, with the shifty eyes and the wussy soul patch, happens to be our boss at Heaven's Metal magazine. Shhhh- if you don't tell anyone, I won't either! Well the bossman's hoping to see his name in wax. These miscreants have a band called Lust Control. They play this hideous punk/ metal music that your mama most definitely wouldn't approve of. They put out a cd a couple years back called "Tiny Little Dots" and they'd like to go all retro and put it out on vinyl. That's where you come in. This is a good one. They want you to fork over your hard earned cash for their new record or perks, so the boss can get all famous or something. Ha, ha! Gets me all teary eyed... Uh, oh- here he comes now! Gotta go...

Get the Lust Control Tiny Little Dots album on 180g vinyl

I'm so excited to share this project with you. This is our strongest (and heaviest) album to date and Rob Colwell has done a great job remastering it just for this vinyl release.

We're working with a really cool record plant in Austin, Texas, called Gold Rush Vinyl.

Click here to watch a video and see all the reward levels and plans for this vinyl release.

Also, just to say thanks, here's a coupon code to get $5 off anything at the HM Press store. (Code: 5FINGERDISCOUNT) This discount means some of those items will be free + postage.

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