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Arizona Punks RELIANCE sign to Raven Faith Records

Raven Faith Records is pleased to announce the signing of Reliance to the label. Hailing from the streets of Prescott, AZ. Reliance is a 3-piece punk band that offers their own uplifting, fast, melodic brand of 90's punk. Showcasing a tried-and-true rhythm section, melodic vocals, tasty riffage and razor-sharp leads. Their EP “Crashing Down” has six high energy songs that will not disappoint the little punk rocker living inside of you.

1. Reborn

2. No Matter What

3. Broken Bottles

4. Not This Time

5. Crashing Down

6. Once Blind

Band members are: Guitar/Vocals:Albert Padilla, Drums:Matthew Clark,Bass:William Livengood Jr.

Listen to their EP at, physical CD’s at and more information at

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