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Punk/Doom Metal band MANTA BIROSTRIS releases “Cursed Eye of the Prophet”

Love Your Enemies Records is stoked to announce the release of “Cursed Eye of the Prophet” from doom metal band Manta Birostris. Cursed Eye of the Prophet features 10 bone crushing high energy songs with elements of punk, doom, stoner rock, drone, and Eastern songs. One of the most creative and original releases on the market.

The album was released in Poland in late 2017 and we are re-releasing it in the USA with English titles and the original Polish vocals.

Track listing:

1. Jerusalem Syndrome

2. Last Psalm (of a Fallen Tree)

3. Diaspora

4. Synagogue

5. Purim

6. Prayer for Rain

7. Beslan

8. Ezekiel

9. Ayat

10. Cursed Eye of the Prophet

Manta Birostris features Adam Sokół on guitar and vocals, Piotr Wlekliński on drums, and Patryk Kozera on bass guitar, guitar, and vocals.

CDs are available here and digital copies are available at all major digital retailers.

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