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Vials of Wrath “Days Without Names” Limited Cassette Tape Box Set

Metal Helm continues to sell out of this item. Thank you for your patience as we strive to keep this item in-stock. Only 100 copies made worldwide by Fragile Branch Recordings. Each limited edition comes with… - A screen printed VoW logo patch - Incense - A free download code of the album - A limited photo of DC Mills in the woods - A custom stamped box An ultimate collection for collectors who take their underground metal and worship experiences seriously! Cassette tape includes the bonus track “Within the Grey”!

“A Cleansing Prayer” taken from the album "Days Without Names," by Vials of Wrath.

Lyrics: I long to be where no shadows dwell All darkness is vanquished And my spirit is well At this summit of stone and oak that impales Transfixing my mind upon self, upon self My purpose My pain My loss My gain Ne'er more than what is today Purge me, Adonai, of desire and lust Less of me, more of thee May all my glory be thine Empty me of self, of self

photo of the complete box

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