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Urgent Prayer Request for Wretched of Grave Robber

Wretched here. . .

Well. . . one of my biggest nightmares has come true.

I was diagnosed today with nodes on my vocal chords. I've been battling hoarseness for about 6 months. I thought it was allergies, sickness, stress, lack of sleep.

Nope. Nodes.

To say I'm afraid is an understatement. Singing has been my life as long as I can recall. I honestly don't know what I'd do if I permanently lost the ability to sing.

Friday I go in to have a consultation and determine a surgery date on my vocal chords.

If you are the praying kind. . . Now would be a good time to do that for me.


Lord God, We thank you for the music and ministry of Grave Robber, for their unique spin on evangelism in a decidedly dark world and I pray that you would enable them to minister for many years to come. We bring Wretched before Your throne. He has been given a medical diagnosis that threatens the gift of music that You have given him. But we know that you are the Divine Healer, and we pray for your healing in his throat even now. I pray that when he goes for his consultation with the doctors on Friday that the nodes will be completely gone and he will be given a clean bill of health, all for Your glory. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

Please pray with me for Wretched this week and drop him an encouraging word on the band's social media pages. Thanks. There is power in prayer!

- Chris Gatto

Feb., 4, 2017 UPDATE: (from the Grave Robber facebook page)

Wretched: Thank you for your love, encouragement, and prayers, everyone. I go under the blade Feb 14th and my nodule will be removed then. I SHOULD be back singing in 8 weeks.

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