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Elgibbor and Cerimonial Sacred - Vinyl Fundraiser

Death Metal vinyl fans rejoice as Vision of God Records is fundraising, via pre-orders, for some upcoming vinyl release. This is actually to be the first entry into the world of vinyl for the label, and not only are you pre-ordering the vinyl release, you'll also get other goodies like patches and digital downloads. First run releases include:


Pre-orders of this LP will get a digital download code for download and an Elgibbor logo patch!

Estimated ship at this time is March 31st

Details HERE


Cerimonial Sacred

7" Single - 2 songs

1. Eleven thousand dead

2. An abyss of regret

Pre order now and get a free logo patch with your order!!!

Estimated ship date is March 31st

Details HERE


Pre-order now to help them meet the requirements to get these projects done and done right. See their site HERE for additional details.

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