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A Prayer for Charlie Clark of Messiah Prophet

I recently came in contact with Andy Strauss, former guitarist for the pioneering Cristian metal band Messiah Prophet. Many of our fans will remember Messiah Prophet fondly from Heaven's Metal's early days as a magazine in the mid 80's. Andy brought to my attention that singer Charlie Clark has been having some serious medical issues and is in need of prayer.

Charlie's wife gave us some details and gave her blessing to post this prayer request. First thing he noticed that something was wrong was not being able to keep up with the words of songs when he was singing. Charlie was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease in February 2010. Prognosis was 3-5 years, which he has already surpassed. Disease is progressing - affected his speech and swallowing first and now affecting his arms and lungs. She has a PO box set up that folks could send cards and well wishes to, which I have included below.

Charles J. Clark

P.O. Box 243

Nescopeck, PA 18635-0243

Lord, today we lift up Charlie Clark to Your throne. We may only know Charlie from songs he has sung or from concerts he has performed, but You know him personally as Your child. You know the pain and suffering he has gone through with this ALS disease. We know You are the Divine Healer, and we ask that you bring life and healing into Charlie's body today. Let the doctors be amazed, and Your Name glorified, when the disease reverses itself and disappears from his body. Bring comfort and peace to Charlie today. In Jesus Name we pray, amen.

To all the Heaven's Metal readers out there, whether you know Charlie or not, please remember him in your prayers today and in the days to come, and send him an encouraging card if you would like. It would mean a lot to him. Thanks.

Also, speaking of prayer requests, as the resident "metal pastor" of the magazine, I'm looking for an effective way to hear and respond to your prayer requests in this webzine format. If you have any ideas, please comment on our facebook page and Jeff will forward them to me. Thanks again.

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