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Just arriving here is this three song EP from Lilium Vitae, hailing from Brazil. Accordingly, the lyrics are all sung in Portuguese, but the songs are quite enjoyable even if you don’t understand the female-fronted vocals.

The music is somewhat difficult to categorize; the immediate comparison is symphonic metal not too unlike Edenbridge, with folk rock influences that remind me a little of Blackmore’s Night, along with a smattering of progressive elements. The songs aren’t overly heavy, but they certainly should appeal to most metal fans.

Production is decent for an independent release and doesn’t detract from the enjoyment.

My only real complaint is that at three songs, the album is over too quickly; this is especially true when the first two songs aren’t individually distinctive and the closer is a short acoustic piece. Still, this is a solid release overall from a band that shows a lot of potential. (indie) 3 Out of 5 Stars

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