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A MARTYR'S OATH Release New Album

A Martyr's Oath new album "Reveal" to be released on Raven Faith Records June 26, 2020. Raven Faith Records welcomes A Martyr's Oath to the family with this release.

"Reveal" is inspired by faith and the Historicist interpretation of the Divine Word of God, this four song EP is an expression of the angst and passion one man has for the Word, the Lost, and the Found. To the sinner, this is a warning call to repentance. To the saints, a call to wake up from the repetitive religious slumber that currently exists in the Church body.

Inspired by multiple genres, A Martyr’s Oath had no stylistic goals with this release. Pat Douglas of A Martyr's Oath just wrote what he felt fit together. Enjoying the emotional side of Ambient Post-Rock and the aggressive side of the Hardcore scene the project merdged the two styles to express his emotions on the peviously mention topics.

The EP is titled Reveal for one reason. The fulfillment of time is almost up and we are all nothing more than a bunch of foolishly disobedient children thinking that the things of God are hidden. And yet, they are right here, in plain sight.


1. The Fulfillment Of Time

2. Fools of The Night

3. The Children Of Disobedience

4. Supposedly Hidden From All Men

A Martyr’s Oath is a Post-Hardcore, Spoken Word, Metalcore studio project by writer and producer Pat Douglas. Pat resides in South East, Texas. A Martyr's Oath is a project that challenges our presuppositions. Just because something has been ingrained into your heart and mind from birth through tradition and repetition… that doesn’t make it true. His musical influences are Christ, the KJV Bible, and the emotions that those two provoke when relied upon daily. You can read a more in depth bio along with Pat’s personal testimony on the official A Martyr’s Oath website (

Raven Faith Records (

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