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EVANS AND STOKES Wrapping Up 4th Album

An update from Evans and Stokes:

John and I have been working on our fourth album since December. Eleven out of twelve songs are written, but the lockdown here in New Zealand has put a halt to recording vocals so we thought in the meantime we would share a demo that we recorded in January/February called Into the Badlands. It's a heavy, doomish thrash piece about our capacity for evil. The message is that with every decision in life, we come to a crossroads where God asks us to take the time to stop and look, and, if the choice is not obvious, He wants us to ask what the good road is and then take His guidance (Jeremiah 6:16).

Like a lot of our music, the themes in this song are pretty dark: murder and greed. But, as always, we try to lighten things up over the course of an album, starting in darkness and ending in light. So while this song is on the dark side, the second half of the album will be a little more uplifting. We're hoping for a release date later in the year.

I'm not sure if this video is something you'd be interested in sharing with your readers, Doug. It's a bit long at 12 minutes (8 of which is me talking about the lyrics etc), but I thought I'd send it anyway and you can decide whether it's suitable or not. The song starts at 7:35.

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