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'The Dave Mustaine Show' Returns to Gimme Radio on May 14th

Dave Mustaine returns to host two full hours of hand-picked music and stories for fans of metal; available exclusively on Gimme Radio, starting May 14th.

SAN FRANCISCO (May 13, 2020) -- Dave Mustaine, the Grammy award-winning guitarist, lead singer, songwriter and founder of legendary band MEGADETH returns to Gimme Radio, the world’s only 24/7, all-metal, interactive, streaming radio station, as host of "The Dave Mustaine Show."

The show returns at noon PT / 3pm ET on Thursday, May 14th, with a new show airing at that time every Thursday at and through the Gimme Radio iOS and Android apps

In these challenging times when social distancing is essential, "The Dave Mustaine Show" provides two hours of music and entertainment every week without having to leave the comfort of your home. Dave Mustaine will continue to do his show his own way, playing what he wants to play, and showcase the music that has inspired and influenced him as a musician while entertaining listeners with his deep knowledge of the genre and years of war stories from the road including personal stories of the artists, tours, producers and other celebrities he has met throughout his illustrious career.

Dave Mustaine: “We are currently living in strange and trying times and as the world remains in self-imposed isolation, I’m hoping to help fans pass the time, keep them entertained for a couple hours a week and help keep them from climbing the walls out of boredom. As always, I play what I want to play."

Gimme Radio plays metal exclusively and is focused on building a community of energized and connected metalheads from around the world. With DJs like Dave Mustaine, whose highly successful career as a musician spans over 35-years, Gimme Radio listeners are treated to the stories and context that bring music to life and make the discovery of new music possible. Metal fans can download the Gimme Radio app for iOS and Android for free or sign up at

What really sets Gimme Radio apart from other digital music services though is that the listeners can chat in in a live feed while the music is playing - with one another and with the artist hosting the radio program. As Gimme Radio CEO, Tyler Lenane, says “When Dave is in the live feed answering questions from a life-long fan about some piece of Megadeth trivia or when an 18 year who just picked up guitar is asking Dave about what type of strings he should use, it an amazing thing to see. How many other musicians at Dave’s level have that sort of commitment to their fans?”

MEGADETH burst onto the scene over 35 years ago, virtually inventing a genre and selling more than 38 million albums worldwide, earning numerous accolades including a 2017 GRAMMY® Award for “Best Metal Performance” for the title track “Dystopia,” 12 GRAMMY® nominations, and scoring five consecutive platinum albums. With sheer determination and a relentless recording and touring schedule, MEGADETH worked their way up from headlining clubs to headlining arenas, festival and stadiums, cementing a legacy that continues to grow and spread throughout the world.

Dave Mustaine:


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