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HUNTINGTONS- New Year. New Album. New Beer. Those Punks.

Pre-orders for the forthcoming HUNTINGTONS ¡Muerto, Carcel, O Rocanrol! album

are available now through the btv online store. We’re doing this on red cassettes, cds, and yellow marbled LPs/red marbled LPs both with a bonus 7″ (with the lead single “Too Old To Care” and a B-side cover).

These will ship to arrive in time for the 31 January 2020 release date

HUNTINGTONS “Too Old To Care” video is up now on YouTube and this lead single is available from most download and streaming services.

To help celebrate the release of our first new record in 17 years, we’re teaming up with St. Boniface Craft Brewing Company to create a little something for those thirsty taste buds....THE SLAMMER! An old-school, unapologetically bitter double IPA, brewed and canned in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Limited quantities will be available throughout southeast and south central PA, and if you’re not a beer person, well we just might have something in the queue to quench your thirst as well!

More info to come. Happy New Beer, punks!

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