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The newest release from Grave Robber, entitled Dry Bones, hit the streets recently and you need to grab it if you haven't yet. This is a very unique offering from the band, as they have taken a handful of their own tracks from albums past, and re-recorded them acoustically. Yes, so any bands have done this in the past, and it seemed to be almost a trend that many classic mainstream bands had to follow, but this release from Grave Robber is a little different from the ordinary offerings.

This (currently) digital-only release contains 17 tracks total. Five of them are the actual band playing their own tracks acoustically. While that would make this release great enough to grab, we are also given another twelve tracks by friend's of the band performing Grave Robber tracks in their own interpretive style. The diversity of styles and interpretations are as interesting as they are amazingly performed. This is a whole different approach from anything ever done by the band before, and is not to be missed if you are a fan. And if you are not already a fan of their aggressive music, you may find this stripped down approach more to your liking for sure.

From the uniqueness of Tim Bushong's country flair performance on Tell-Tale Heart, and the fun, upbeat performance of Schizofiend by 5¢ Freakshow, along with the creepy version of I, Zombie by Ricky Puckett, to the totally new way to experience Straight to Hell with Parental Petulance, this is just one cool release.

I have been absorbing this since the day it was released, and it gets better with each listen. If you can get yourself to quiet down a little at times, this new approach to Grave Robber will likewise be highly appreciated.

My wish? A double vinyl release of all 17 tracks. Doubtful, I KNOW - so, next best thing? A 10" release containing the five Grave Robber performed tracks, with an accompanying 12 track CD with the other tracks. That would actually be quite a nice novelty vinyl release for a quite novel release of songs.

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