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ANGELICA - Rock, Stock & Barrel

Girder Music has done it again! Another masterful remastered reissue of a melodic hard rock classic by Angelica. This, the band's third release, originally came out in 1991, following the 1989 self-titled release and 1990's Walkin' In Faith, both of which have recently been likewise reissued by Girder Music (hopefully you have already picked those up along with the reissue of the Demos and brand new Without Words also).

Each of the first three Angelica releases had a different vocalist, and this time around, we find Drew Baca stepping up to the mic. Drew had previously worked with the band Roxway, and released at least one custom tape recording that I have, and they played at least one show that was filmed and released for all to see (that I have). I really enjoyed the work of Roxway that I had heard, and had high hopes for them, but was thrilled to see him jump on-board with Angelica.

If I remember correctly, I saw the video for "Cover Me" before I heard the whole album., and while it was quite different sounding from the prior two albums, it resonated with me and was an instant hit in my mind, and is still a highlight track for me to this day. Dennis Cameron always provides amazing fret-work, but what really stands out on this release for me, is the well produced and pumping bass tracks throughout. Robert Pallen's bass lines have stood out quite well on previous recordings, but this time around they just seem even more highlighted than before. There are a handful of exceptional bass players that really stand out in the Christian music scene, and in my book, Robert is way up at the top of the list.

All three of these Angelica early releases are amazing melodic masterpieces for different reasons and different strengths, each with their own slightly different style and flair and personality, but for me, Rock, Stock & Barrel is just the pinnacle of the amazing trilogy. This line-up brought the goods in every way. Praise be that Girder Music has remastered and reissued a pivotal set of hard rock classics for a new generation to enjoy as much as those of us do who were around the initial times these were released. Grab these limited edition releases before they are gone.

I anxiously await the vinyl reissue of this album, which is already in the works. I can't wait to hear the bass pumping even greater through my speakers with the wider ranged dynamics of vinyl. The next question that needs asked is, will we see a reissue of the fourth and last Angelica band release, the 1992 release, Time Is All It Takes?

Legends of Rock Series

Available Now


1. The Fire Inside

2. Someone to Believe In Me

3. Cover Me

4. Home Sweet Heaven

5. A Little Love

6. Sail Away

7. Keep Pushin' On

8. Bumble Boob Groove

9. Rhyme & Reason

10. Without Words

11. Oh Canada

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