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DIAMOTH - Exhibition of Reality

Fans of brutal old school Death Metal should be rejoicing with this the latest release of South American band Diamoth. Having been around since the early 2000’s this is their 15th release? (Which includes singles, demos, eps and full length albums)…

Having been approached with a request to review this release I was a little trepidatious, I mean I having spun the ole windmill about in many moons. After all how would it look now, short cropped hair? What if physical injury should result? How would that appear to my metal brethren? Well I surmised that they would understand, after all we have all gotten older, a little…

Exhibition of Reality is the title of this molten slab of brutal metal goodness. Released on Frozen Tundra Records this year, Diamoth has delivered a behemoth of old school brutality. The album is true old school death metal, and not without some melody in spots. The vocals are extreme through out.

From the Grave of Eternal Flames, Preachers of Lower Passions, Pride and Powerless, offer up some tasty melodies and amidst some solid riffing. Tinges of black metal chord voices appear at times within the layers of musical chaos. Slaves of Ignorance, Baal do require the ole windmill swings but alas I’d end up in traction so I must forego the exhibition. Slaves drives along with some really crushing riffs that demand your attention, not to mention the arrangement (yes arrangement!) of the ascending guitar melodies opposite of the riffs.

So what does it sound like? Some have said Bolt Thrower, Obituary, and Gorguts, perhaps as a reference that is good place to start. By my own admission I’m not a death metal guru, but I do know a good set of songs when I hear them and Exhibition of Reality has them. Yes it’s brutal and yes its vocals sound like a cement mixer. However, the tunes are quite good fairly memorable they may require a little more of your attention if this style isn’t your usual cup of tea but the journey and end result should give you a solid slab of metal satisfaction (just listen to From the Graves of Eternal Flames… oh my!)

Lyrically this album is solid from the track Renewed

“A spell that breaks, awaking from hell; Saved by Grave renewed inside; In all those threats, in the line of the danger zone; God breaks the chains, God gives new hope”

Or how about Serenity “Lord, save me, I’m Perishing, Lord save us, we perish; and he raised and said, Why are you so anguish and fearful.”

Those are just a taste of the lyrical content, with a nice bit of social commentary as well.

Zvi Tacussis has plenty to say, and being the sole member of Diamoth, he offers plenty to mull over. Hailing from Chile in South America Zvi plays all the instruments and vocals. The production is solid, not polished but definitely top notch. The eq is dialed and the underground feel is tremendous, but this isn’t a demo so don’t misinterpret my comment about the “underground feel.”

Snag the latest release from Diamoth if you’re curious or if you’re a fan old school Death Metal. You won’t be disappointed. This reviewer was pleasantly surprised.

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