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We have some raw, unrefined death metal. I wish I could call it brutal, but the riffs just aren’t quite heavy enough. Does anyone remember the 90s DM band Secretion? They released an entertaining, if not proficient, album of raw, lo-fi death metal. This release carries a similar vibe. It also reminds me of similar-minded band Come to Pass (reviewed here a couple months ago). If you like that lo-fi death metal sound, you might enjoy this. I just wish more time was spent refining the riffs. While this is technically a split release featuring two different bands, both acts share some members, and I found it difficult to distinguish between the two artists. evilSHED is ever-so-slightly more experimental than Three Days in Hell, but only by a hair. There are moments of real potential, like the blastbeats in “Graveyards on Top of Graveyards,” but the repetitive overly simplistic riffs of “Hypocrisy” and the poor guitar tones really diminish the level of promise here. I want to like this, but I feel a lot more effort needs to be put into this before devoted DM fans will take it very serious. (Bearded Dragon) - 2 Out of 5 Stars

(Bearded Dragon) - 2 Out of 5 Stars

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