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LEAH Unveils “Light Of The World” Lyric Video

Symphonic/Celtic vocal goddess Leah has revealed a new lyric video for the song "Light Of The World," the second single from her upcoming winter-themed album, Ancient Winter, scheduled for release on November 15.

Says Leah, "'Light Of The World' came about as a result of giving myself a lot of space to play around with no pressure...and I stumbled onto this Middle Eastern vibe. I've often been drawn to that style of music and it came out here. From there it started to become clear what the lyrical theme was about and I went with it. I imagined the traditional Noel story and with it, the theme of deserts, camels and the whole nine yards. I hope everyone enjoys it!"

Ancient Winter features eight tracks - five of which are originals and three traditional century medieval songs that Leah puts her own unique touch on. The album offers a slight departure from Leah's traditional symphonic metal into a more atmospheric, ethereal sound. It is a more earthy sounding album filled with new instrumentation such as fiddles and uilleann pipes, which give it a beautiful harmony of middle eastern feeling and Celtic folk and fantasy. Ancient Winter proves Leah's ability to venture into musical realms beyond metal.

Ancient Winter represents a new approach to holiday music as it celebrates winter themes in a way that is sure to give it a wider appeal. This is not simply a "Christmas album" but rather an emotional journey into transcendent ideals that will inspire any listener from anywhere.

For Ancient Winter, Leah tapped a top-notch talent cast of musicians, including Troy Donockley (Nightwish), Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling), Shir-Ran Yinon (Eluveitie), Oliver Philipps (Everon, Phantasma) and renowned string musician Rupert Gillett. This diverse lineup adds an international flavor to the album alongside Leah's beautiful vocals.

A variety of bundle packages will be available soon at Watch the lyric video for "Redemption", the first single from Ancient Winter, below.

Ancient Winter tracklisting:

"The Whole World Summons" "Light Of The World" "Upon Your Destiny" "Redemption" "The Messenger" "Gaudete" "Puer Natus" "Noël Nouvelet"

"Light Of The World" lyric video:

"Redemption" lyric video:

Leah has amassed a generous and dedicated fanbase that has allowed her to crowdfund three of her five recordings without the assistance of a record label. Leah's first four albums, Of Earth and Angels (2012), Otherworld (2013), Kings & Queens (2015), and The Quest (2018) are a rapturous blend of a symphonic metal style carefully spiced with Celtic, folk and fantasy. Her emotive vocals are often compared to Loreena McKennitt, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan.

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