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I couldn’t sleep, so I figured I should catch up on writing my reviews. I put on my headphones and cranked up the new War Of Ages album, Void, because I have been waiting what seemed an eternity, even though it was only two years for their new album.

"The Watchers" kicks in with almost what I would consider a mantra of even a short in your face sermon of sorts and Leroy Hamp’s in your face vocals let you know that War Of Ages are here and mean business. Clocking in with 11 songs and over 45 minutes of pure unadulterated in your face metal and amazing lyrics to boot. War Of Ages pull no punches when laying it on the line to let you know they love God, yet they don’t sacrifice or water down the music.

As I continue listening and get to "Blood of the Earth" I feel like War Of Ages just took me to church and the preacher is a headbanger and I got to say the drumming of Kaleb Luebchow could easily be up there with any legendary metal drummer. Song number four, "Miles Apart," starts a bit ethereal for a few seconds and then those guitars shred like a knife. Everything comes together for what I consider the best song on the album even though picking a best song is like picking your favorite kid because you love them all but sometimes in secret you have to tell one of them they are the best.

"Sulphur and Salt" starts with a bit taken directly from The Lord’s Prayer and literally makes you want to raise your hands in praise while also banging your head, LOL. "Greed" kicks off again with those legendary drum vibes that will have you air drumming and it makes me think if helicopter blades made music then "Greed" would be what they would sound like. "Envy, Wrath and Jezebel" keep us wanting more and remembering why War Of Ages are so amazing.

"Brotherhood" just gets us to pound our fist in the air and get our metal on. By the time the last track "Return" comes on I am drenched in sweat even though I haven’t left the couch. War Of Ages may have called the album Void, however it hasn’t left anything of a void when it comes to rocking our socks off. I suggest put your headphones on and crank up Void as loud as you can and get ready for an all out metal assault! (4 out of 5 Stars) - Facedown Records

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