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GROMS To Re-Release Ascension Album

25 years ago, 4 young men from Kristiansand, Norway released their debut album "Ascension". The band was called GROMS (acronym for God Rules Over My Soul), and their music was pure and heavy death metal.

Quite a surprise to many people, since the development from their previous thrash assault was huge! During this period, the black metal movement was getting exponentially bigger, so a death metal band with Biblical lyrics was very special!

Nordic Mission is therefore VERY proud to present a re-release and re-master of "Ascension" to be released November 15th! A lot of work has been put down by Rune Hansen and Karl Baltazar to restore the ORIGINAL cover art to be large enough for a LP version, and to make this a historical release we have been crawling down ancient crypts to find pictures, interviews and other goodies from the past.

In addition to making the album available on all digital platforms, the following formats will be available:

1. A double exclusive digipak CD edition: 1 CD with "Ascension" and 1 CD with "Turn" (the band's debut 4 song demo digitalized for the first time!)

The CD set comes with a 20 page booklet containting lyrics, tons of pictures, linernotes written by Yngve Moum Jacobsen of, and both old and new thank-you lists.

2. A vinyl LP exclusively limited to 330 units, including 100 copies on colored LP and the rest on black LP. It contains a gatefold cover with all lyrics, and a huge 4 page booklet with pictures and linernotes.

Get ready for pre-order options coming soon with even more goodies for you to order!

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