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COME TO PASS- Amongst Plagues

Come to Pass is a one-man lo-fi death metal act from Virginia. Death metal has a history of being raw, inaccessible, and brutal. And while I do like my death metal raw and intense, the lo-fidelity quality of Amongst Plagues is a bit too much. Upon reading the band’s bio, we find out that they used to be a 3-piece, but 2 of the members left over creative differences. What is not clear is at what point they left the band. Amongst Plagues definitely comes across as a one-man project in a number of ways.

For instance, a drum machine is used rather than organic drums. While live drums are certainly preferred, one can understand the need to incorporate a drum machine, particularly in circumstances like this. Unfortunately, they just don’t work that well here. The programmed parts don’t match up well with the guitar/bass rhythms, nor the vocals. And while the percussive sounds are full of blastbeats and fills, the guitar parts are incredibly simplistic. It’s almost as if they took sludgy guitar parts and placed them over grind/slam blastbeats. While that might sound interesting (and at times, it is), it is not effective as a songwriting technique, as it just sound jumbled up.

Not only are the guitar rhythms simplistic, but the tones are lacking as well. It’s a shame, but there is definitely something interesting here that I want to like more about this band. In fact, the non-album track “Confessions of the Cursed” from the Words of Endurance compilation is much stronger than any of the material on this EP. Here’s hoping for more like that in the future. (Bearded Dragon) -1.5 out of 5 stars

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