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WICKED'S END Announce 'Flood'

Wickeds End announce 'FLOOD'

Welcome to one of the heaviest death metal albums we will release this year! Southern California's very own Wickeds End are set to unveil their latest album 'FLOOD' via Roxx Records this October! Get it for the introductory price of $10.99 only until release date! Featuring 8 brand new blistering and in your face death metal tracks! Bold and unashamed these boys hold nothing back and tell it like it is on this new release. Bold lyrics and HEAVY death metal music make for one of the best new releases for 2019! You wont want to miss out on this one!

Track Listing: 1. Lukewarm 2. Snuffed In The Womb 3. From Hell You're Sent 4. Value And Truth 5. GBA 6. At The Root 7. Scales 8. Stoner

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