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DELIVERANCE - Weapons Of Our Warfare

(2019 180 gm Vinyl Remaster)

Without a doubt, Weapons Of Our Warfare occupies a special place in the archives of Christian metal. Not only was it the highly anticipated follow-up to the fantastic self-titled debut – one which held up to the musical and lyrical standards of that iconic record – but the title track attained international status with its appearance on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. And even though, to me at least, the songs from the debut have stood the test of time just a bit better, Weapons remains an excellent collection of late 80’s/early 90’s era speed/thrash. The absolute truth-infused and crushing nature of songs like “This Present Darkness,” “Flesh and Blood” and “Weapons Of Our Warfare” stand unrivaled to this day.

Although this album has been reissued a few times on CD and LP over the past decade or so, it just seems like there are never enough copies of the vinyl, in particular, to meet the demand of fans. So, even though this was originally released in 1990 on vinyl (UK), and has twice been reissued by Roxx Records on vinyl in 2014 and 2017 in limited quantities, the demand remains high, particularly with the resurgence of vinyl listening/collecting over the past decade.

That said, what did Retroactive Records accomplish here? Well, the record itself is something to behold at 180 gm weight and in bright yellow (pictured) color with all new label. The insert itself is heavyweight stock and contains lyrics on one side and photos on the other side. Additionally, the remaster features the original artwork on the jacket (pictured at the top of the review), for which I am grateful, and it overall just sounds terrific! It’s a clean/clear pressing with very minimal surface noise and the EQ balance throughout is fantastic. One the problems with the original production was a heavy treble presence (as with so many recordings from that era). However, listening to these songs in the vinyl format eliminates most of that trend, giving the songs more power at high volume with considerably less listener fatigue. (Note: this is the "Sid" Garcia remaster).

As with the previous vinyl reissues, this one is limited as well - to 300 copies - so don't miss out this time around as this will likely be the final pressing of this metal beast!

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Supplication (1:48)

2. This Present Darkness (2:47)

3. Weapons Of Our Warfare (4:25)

4. Solitude (6:05)

5. Flesh And Blood (7:27)

Side B

6. Bought By Blood (3:17)

7. 23 (5:49)

8. Slay The Wicked (4:03)

9. Greetings Of Death (2:50)

10. If We Faint Not (4:25)

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