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Surf music Benefit Compilation for FleaHab Sober Living Environment

August 6, 2019. Santa Cruz, California. Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the release of a Benefit Compilation of Surf Music to raise money for Santa Cruz based FleaHab ( Founded by legendary big wave surfer Darryl “Flea” Virostko, the mission of FleaHab is to provide a sober living environment in Santa Cruz focused on physical activity, in effect replacing the high of drugs with the endorphins of exercise. Combined with a nutritional menu and access to sports, yoga and other holistic support systems such as AA, FleaHab offers a new approach to sober living – and new hope for those afflicted by drugs and alcohol. The lineup features 16 bands from around the world which have contributed instrumental surf music to support FleaHab: 1. Drifting Sand - Santa Cruz'n 2. Los Twangers - Vista Cruiser 69 3. Frankie and the Pool Boys - Little Woman, Big Dog 4. GnarlyMen - Cataveña

5. The Madeira - Farthest Shore 6. The AmpFibians - Adios, Tuco

7. A-Frame - Locked In 8. Cross-Check - Maui Sunrise 9. The Mystery Men? - The Devil You Know 10. Moscow Beatballs - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 11. Los Grainders – Vandal 12. The Space Age Travelers - Costa California 13. Los Oxidados - Blue Bird 14. The Wrecks House - Sleeper Cell

15. The Tomorrowmen - Phistful of Photons 16. Dystopian Futures - Tsunami Deathray

Downloads available here, and on all major commercial retailers (iTunes, Spotify, etc.): Cover photo graciously provided by Julie Fain ( Used by permission. Layout and post production sound editing by Sef Idle at Simpul Studio (

Since 2014, FleaHab has helped many men reclaim their lives from drug and alcohol addiction. Fleahab is now begun the fundraising effort for a sober living house for women in Santa Cruz. FleaHab is a registered 501C3 non-profit organization. Find out more here:

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