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BioGenesis quietly released a 5 song EP at the end of 2018. The release is entitled Black Widow and picks right up from where their 2017 release A Decadence Divine leaves off. Black Widow is heavy, symphonic, modern, traditional, and extreme all in one powerful package.

There are 4 original tracks plus a stellar cover of the Deliverance classic, "Flesh and Blood." Opening with the title track "Black Widow," this is a CLASSIC heavy metal track, crushing and heavy, with a hook that carves its way into your cranium and just doesn’t let go. Strong guitar riffs and solos which are accented by piano and symphonic keys combine to make a solid mesh of metal delight, and this is just the first song!!

"Human Equilibrium" and "Anti Evolution" are also among the crushing metal originals here. Both of these bits of metal whimsy highlight the fabulous performances on this EP. Melody is strong and decidedly upfront, but with the power of a sledgehammer. The twin guitar attack of Luke Nealeigh and James Riggs provides the one, two punch BioGenesis needs.

Now that leaves the other two tracks, and if you think they aren’t up to snuff you’d be wrong. The third track on this release is the moody, heavy ballad "Angel," and ode to those friends and family who have died too early and left us. The video that was created for this song via Roxx Productions shows pictures of friends and family members of the band, label and fans who have passed away. The song is powerful and moody, and Chaz Bond delivers a vocal that is tremendous.

The final song is a symphonic metal version of "Flesh and Blood," and faithful- it is amazing! I could gush more, but I will simply say this- you will not be disappointed. The production is stellar, not without minor flaws, but it delivers the goods.

This EP clocks in at just about 30 minutes, so you get your money’s worth. Even though the songs are a little longer, none of them feel like epics that will never end. If anything, they race to a predetermined conclusion that brings relief to my aching neck!! Headbangers rejoice as the BioGenesis has delivered a heavy metal monster deserving of your hard earned money.(Roxx Records)

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