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NEAL MORSE'S New Streaming App: Waterfall


AVAILABLE FRIDAY, 1/25: Neal Morse and Radiant Records present "waterfall," an app to stream all of your favorite prog.

NEAL MORSE: "OK, here's the deal with waterfall. About a year or so ago, I was sitting in my recliner listening to some music on my phone through my living room sound system, when my phone rang. I answered and the music stopped. When I finished the conversation and hung up, the music started again and I turned it up. Then my wife asked me a question so I turned it up really loud... no, I'm kidding.. so I turned it down, spoke to her, and then cranked it up again, all from my recliner! Then I switched from one album to the next and could fast forward or pause or whatever, and the sound quality was perfect. I thought 'This is great!'

I know some of you are thinking, 'Neal, we've been doing this for years!' Well, I know I'm REALLY late to this party, but I wanted to provide the same kind of experience for you all. So, I started talking to people about it and after a while, an amazing team of brilliant technical magicians has actually made this happen.

That's where it all started but it has gone even further.

Here's what you'll get:

- Everything in the Neal Morse solo catalogue (except for Inner Circle releases; I hold the IC to be sacred and untouchable) - that is, all of my prog, singer songwriter and worship albums, including all of the live albums.

- Everything in The Neal Morse Band catalogue (INCLUDING THE NEW ALBUM, THE GREAT ADVENTURE!) - again, that's live albums, including all of the Morsefest CDs, and bonus discs.

- The entire Transatlantic catalogue (including out of print stuff like Roine's mix of the first album and "Live In America") - that's the full versions of the albums, including bonus tracks.

- All of the music I recorded with Spock's Beard (including insane out of print stuff like "From The Vault" and "Don't Try This At Home Either"!) - from the Deluxe editions that feature rare tracks and demos.

- All of the Flying Colors material.

- The Proggy Christmas album, Nick and Neal, Cover to Cover (both albums)

- "Neal's Mystery Box," in which there will be rotating unheard things from the past, present and future - exclusive content only available to waterfall subscribers. It's like a box of chocolates...

140+ hours of music spanning over 80 albums/1,000+ tracks on waterfall and growing (it would take you almost 6 days without sleeping to listen through all the content!) New stuff is coming in all the time! Randy George just added a bunch of his music!

And you can listen EVERYWHERE! Anything, anytime, anywhere and at great quality. (Industry standard MP3s at 320)

This is where we are starting, but I am sure it will continue to change and grow. Like life, or, maybe, a waterfall!"

Cost: $6.99 per month // $2.99 for Inner Circle Members per month

Unlimited subscriptions in iOS, Android, and Windows are available Friday. (App landing page coming soon!)


Neal Morse & The Radiant Records Team

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