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DISCIPLE Day 1 in the Studio

It's time!!! Are you ready??? We are back in the studio making our 14th Studio Recording. We are beyond excited. I literally got butterflies when I walked in the studio this morning. We've spent the last two years working and refining these songs.... some of you have even heard demos of these songs during our Bus VIP sessions. And now we are ready to finally record them. This is one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding things we get to do in this band. Please pray for us over the next month as we strive for excellence in all aspects of the recording process; from sounds, to performances and message. We'll try to keep you updated throughout the process. God bless you. Let's do this!!! -

Kevin Young- Disciple

PS- Just in case you missed it:

Disciple signs with Tooth and Nail Records!

Disciple officially became a Tooth & Nail recording artist! We want to thank the entire Tooth & Nail team for this opportunity and for the outstanding work they did with us as an independent band on the Long Live The Rebels album… and now we look forward to the next chapter of Disciple as a band on their official roster. It is truly an honor to be a part of the T&N story…. a story that has created music that has shaped most of our lives. We came so close to working together so many times in the past, and now it has finally happened. Today is a big day, and we are expecting great things. We start recording next month….. and WE ARE READY!

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