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Metal Bible International Newsletter #1

Welcome to the new newsletter format! Hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to share it to interested friends all around the globe. We start with some encouraging reports from the Metal Bible outreaches last year...

VICTORY REPORTS FROM THE METAL BIBLE OUTREACHES 2018! During 2018 the Metal Bible has been distributed (interested has come and picked their copies for free) in Sweden, Germany, Denmark,The Netherlands, France, USA and more!

At Stockholm Metal Market in Sweden 52 Metal Bibles went out, although the satanic black metal band Dark Funeral were signing albums there and most of the visitors were fans to them! Metal Bible International was also at the Motor exhibition Vallentuna Flyg & Motordag where 25 Metal Bibles, Biker Bibles and Motor Bibles were distributed.

At Sweden Rock 200 copies went out. Something very cool this year was that hundreds of people came to the team day after day to get intercession! Also at the world’s biggest Metal Festival Wacken in Germany many came to get intercession. 2 000 Metal Bibles were also distributed there.

The Black Metal festival Kaltenbach Open Air calls themselves the most evil festival in Austria. Still God was working there through the Metal Bible team and 3 persons came to know Jesus and 50 Metal Bibles went out! Amen.

The Metal Bible has also been distributed at Hell Fest, France (900 copies), CopenHell, Denmark (50 copies), Into The Grave in the Netherlands (200 copies), Baroeg open Air in the Netherlands (500 copies) as well as at Knoxville Tattoo Convention in the USA (20 copies).

The reception to the Metal Bible has been good or very good overall (although some don’t like it), many misconceptions have been broken and there have been many deep talks about Jesus and several have been saved or come back to Jesus at the Metal Bible outreaches! Amen. All GLORY TO GOD for what He has done a these festivals! It is His work, not ours. Now we just need to keep praying that those that have found Christ keep the faith and that those that have taken Metal Bibles reads them and that God’s Holy Spirit will touch them and help them into a living relationship with Jesus.

Metal Bible International & John Schlitt

ohn Schlitt's testimony is featured in the Metal Bible. At Gullbrannafestivalen outside Halmstad in Sweden, Metal Bible International got the privilege to hang with Bob Hartman and John Schlitt of Petra and talk about the Metal Bible.

PRINTING THE METAL BIBLE IN PORTUGESE AND SPANISH! There is a big need for printing the Metal Bible in Portugese and also to reprint it in Spanish. Therefore we have started a campaign to collect the needed funds. Through this campaign all interested can be a part of making it to a reality! ANY gift will help and be a big blessing. As soon as enough money is collected we can print in these languages and reach out with the message of Jesus to the huge metal crowd in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and whole Latin America! So if you want to see this to happen now you have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Thanks VERY much for your support and God bless you all!

Below is the link to the campaign. Please share it to as many as possible, so we can bring in the money and print as quick as possible! HAPPY NEW YEAR! That is all folks for this time. God Bless you all. Last but not least we also want to wish you a Happy New Metal Year! Johannes Jonsson & Hulda Jonsson Metal Bible International

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