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TRYTAN Returns After 25 Year Wait With New Lineup, New Album in the Works


So humbled, thankful, honored, glad & blessed to announce the following team for the New long awaited Trytan “Blood of Kings” Album. The trio for this one is....

On bass -Jim LaVerde (Barren Cross Plus).

And on drums, keyboards & producing -Eric Gillette (Neal Morse Band Plus)

After 25 plus years of not recording or touring, I’m absolutely pumped outta my gourd to be working with these two! I’ve hailed, admired & been inspired by both of these Warrior Christian musicians for a long time! The Lord is the DreamMaker! Been working on the material every day and I’m so excited about this album. It’s gonna be tough, tasty & intense! Musically & ministry wise. I’ll be down at EKG Productions next week with Eric getting our foot in the door, finalizing the songs & some of the sounds. Recording in the Spring! Going for a mix of sounds & styles with the flavor of Dream Theater, Rush, Extreme, Living Color, Kansas, Queen, KingsX, Satriani and us. THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS COMING ASAP!

Someone said ‘three is a charm!’ Well, I’m not sure about that, but I know this third album is going to rip! And hopefully rip people out of hell, out of bondage and out of despair! And to the life, grace, truth & power of Jesus! John 12:32

- Lary Dean

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