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SUPRESION- Emerging Extermination

Supresion is an Argentinian metal band formed in 2007 that have been thrashing it up like it's the end of the 80's. The sonic resemblance to Deliverance's debut album is uncanny, topped by hard hitting semi-decipherable vocals somewhere between Roger Martinez (ex- Vengeance Rising) and Scott Waters (Ultimatum). Emerging Extermination, Supresion's full length debut, was first released in Spanish in 2013, and later in English in 2015. This is a reissue of the English version. The band is a flashback to the 80's thrash scene, but that's certainly not a slam. This is well produced, high quality metal for you! The band is tight and the interplay between speedy guitars and drums is excellent. Lyrics are unapologetically biblical- "Look for Christ while He may be found. Do not waste time. It's your salvation" - from "Final Time." The song "Toxic Winter" makes me chuckle with lyrics like "snow is green, mutant men- toxic winter." By the time the boxing bell dings on song 2, "I Don't Care" and the thrash chord is struck, you won't care either, because you'll be headbanging and trying to start a mosh pit wherever you find yourself. Hoping these guys won't be strangers. (Vision of God Records) - 4 out of 5 stars

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