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The Blessed is something of an anomaly. Russia has plenty of heavy metal bands, but few Christian metal bands (that we're aware of, anyway.) Their music is a throwback to the early 90's when thrash was giving way to the burgeoning death metal movement. Remember sounds similar to Believer or Living Sacrifice from that time frame, with the occasional Aaron Guerra era Tourniquet guitar tone. Vocals are delivered in a deliciously raspy, throaty howl in discernable English, not unlike Steve Rowe on Mortification's classic Blood World album. Some Rammstein- like bgv's appear at times throughout the album. The lyrics are printed in both English and Russian, and are entirely scriptural. Many bands use a lot of Bible verses in their songs, but The Blessed are a living, fire breathing heavy metal Bible. That, combined with their kabuki face paint, must make for a powerful live presentation. If you've been hungering for speedy thrash, traditional, and death metal, then be blessed by the crushing sounds of Thunder, Sad, Cross, and Hammer from Russia. (Soundmass) 4 stars out of 5

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