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Prayer Request for Upcoming Latvian Tour with THE PROTEST

In less than 2 weeks, a band from Indiana called "The Protest" will be coming to Latvia for one week.They will arrive on Sunday, October 21 and depart on Sunday, October 28.

We first met the band at the Kingdom Come Music Festival in June and spoke with them about doing a Missions/Music tour in Latvia. The band is friends of Disciple and Decyfer Down who have played in Latvia. They were also at this festival and encouraged by these bands to go for it.

So,we sat down, discussed things and they said, "Let's do it."

The Protest will be playing in Germany at the "Loud & Proud" festival on October 19 & 20 and then flying from Germany to Riga.

We are very thankful to welcome them here and new doors have opened for them to share the Good News during their time here.

They will play in 3 rock venues. (2 of these venues we have not been before).

They will be interviewed by a Catholic young people radio.

There will be 2 "Meet & Greet" parties. One is in Riga at a Lutheran Church and one at a Baptist Church in Liepaja. These fellowships are inviting anyone to come and hang out for the evening and encourage them to go and support the band at the different concerts. This is a way to welcome young people who do not attend a Church.

Friends of ours will have them over for a Latvian home cooked meal.

On Sunday, October 28, they will attend Communitas International Church at 10:30am and then after the service, head to the airport to fly back to Germany and then on to the U.S.A.

This will be a wild and crazy week and we are asking for your prayers for the concerts, "Meet & Greet", travel, and open hearts to welcome Jesus.

Also, if you would like to join this adventure; hop on a plane and enjoy the fun!

Thank you,

Gary & Ineta

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