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Bearded Dragon Productions To Release Benefit Compilation

The Bearded Dragon Productions are releasing their debut benefit compilation, titled The Reality of Fraility coming out on October 5, 2018.

The compilation is the first benefit compilation that the label has ever worked on. The benefit is to assist of friend of the owner and founder, Mason Beard.

"A dear friend of mine got sick lately. Nothing long-lasting, temporary sickness. But it hit me that she needed help. I've known she's been going through a tough time, and when she told me about this, I realized it was time for me to help where I can." Beard says. "I pray that this compilation will do just that."

The compilation will be the first album that the label has charged for, in order to raise funds for the beneficiary. The album will be priced at $5 and all money goes directly to her. The original plan was for 15 bands to come onboard and within a few hours of requests, over 20 bands agreed to be apart of the release.

"I would like to thank all the bands being a part of the compilation, including AndEver, Perpetual Paranoia, TAKE, CMB, Death Requisite and the rest and Rottweiler Records and Nosral Recordings for supporting this endeavor. Also, I'd like to thank Ian Kaine McGregor of AEX for designing the artwork for the album, it looks amazing! God bless you all for helping me and my friend."

Track listing:

Nostalgia - "Dust"

AndEver - "Traumatized"

Grave Robber - "The Beast Within"

XIII Minutes - "Water Vice"

Through the Clouds - "Unforgiven"

TAKE - "Abandoned"

The Ben Aldrich Project - "Subcultures"

Christian Metal Brotherhood (CMB) - "Awesome God"

Exalted Saviour - "Depersonalization"

Flactorophia - "Regurgitation Demons Outside the Human Flesh"

Tougher Than Nails - "Whom Shall Ye Fear"

Taking the Head of Goliath - "This Present Darkness"

R.A.I.D. - "Soul of a Lion"

Waxpanel - "Dying Inside"

As Earth Fades - "The Great Falsehood"

Children of Wrath - "Dead Idols"

Death Requisite - "Tormentor"

Perpetual Paranoia - "The Reapers"

FaithSake - "Not Feeling Lucky"

WhatDrivesTheWeak - "Destroyer"

DIRE - "Wages of Sin"

TIMŌRĀTUS - "Weight of the World"

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